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Temporary Workers Program

Hiring Temporary Workers In Canada

Temporary-Workers-ProgramIf your company is dealing with the shortage of local labour for their operational efforts, you should consider the ‘Temporary Foreign Worker Program’ that enables foreign workers to take those positions in companies for which the suitable local citizens can’t be found or hired. This program helps the company hire people for a broader range of skills in order to meet temporary labour shortages.

While working on your application, make sure it involves some sort of contact with Service Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Canada Border Services Agency. The application process for all these programs are complex and therefore it is best to retain the skills and advice of an expert immigration lawyer. If your company is planning to explore their labour options, then contact our law office to set-up an appointment with our legal team.

Things to Know Before Starting the Process

Unless and until the position or category your company is planning to fill is exempt from the LMO/LMIA process, you will need a positive LMO/LMIA from Service Canada. If an LMO/LMIA is required, then it is important to get a positive confirmation from your prospective foreign worker(s) before they apply for a work permit.

You will have to demonstrate the following, when applying for an LMO:

  • Satisfactory efforts for hiring available Canadians/permanent residents;
  • Competitive and consistent wages within the Canadian region you are planning to recruit;
  • Appropriate working conditions for that particular position
  • The potential of local economic benefits that will be obtained by hiring a foreign worker

Just 4 Steps Away From Hiring Temporary Foreign Workers

Foreign workers apply for their work permit outside Canada and depending on the country of their citizenship; they may also need a ‘Temporary Resident Visa’ (TRV). To recruit temporary foreign workers from outside Canada, generally, there are four crucial steps that are followed. However, some steps can also be omitted according to the worker’s native country or his/her details of the employment position.

  1. Determine whether you require an LMO/LMIA or not
  2. If required, submit an application for an LMO/LMIA from Service Canada Centre
  3. Advise your foreign worker(s) to complete their work permit application so that it can be processed by CIC if it’s applicable
  4. At a port of entry, the Border Services Officer will issue the work permit

This 4-step process requires a significant amount of expertise, applications and documentation that must be carefully assessed, completed and submitted within a timely manner in order to obtain success. The way in which you complete these documents and enclose the details can play a pivotal role in the success of you attaining a LMO/LMIA and ultimately your work permit. This is why it is important to have a dedicated immigration lawyer at your service, so that he/she can facilitate this entire process on your company’s behalf. With an experienced immigration lawyer on your side, you can save yourself a lot of time, expense and also the opportunity cost by not filling out the needed position.

Contact Our Immigration Lawyers Today

If your company is in the process of hiring foreign workers to aid you in the growth of your company during a period of regional labour shortage, then contact our dynamic immigration lawyers in Edmonton as soon as you can so that they can help you glide smoothly through the entire process. Bringing temporary workers for growing corporations has always been our forte and this is the reason why we have such a strong success rate and reputation in the field of Canadian immigration applications, LMOs and work permits.

Armstrong Immigration offers guaranteed immigration services! If your immigration application is unsuccessful you do not pay any legal fees.

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