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Start Up Visa Program

Are You Eligible for Start-Up Visa Program For Canada?

Canada is encouraging successful entrepreneurs to migrate to Canada. It has been flexible with its terms providing great opportunity to those who wish to establish themselves in Canada. The country is planning to provide policy benefits to new startups. This program is launched to promote entry of entrepreneurs into Canada. Immigrants need the support of any funding group to apply for start-up visa program.

Requirements to Fulfill For Start-Up Visa Program

Applicants for Canada Immigration need to meet the following requirements. You need:

  1. Demonstrating your knowledge in both English and French
  2. One-year completion of post-secondary education is mandatory
  3. Minimum funding approval of $200,000 CDN by a Venture Capital Organization

Why Professional Immigration Guidance is Essential?

This program is new with little guidance available. Thus, it is available for 5 years only and every year 2750 start-up visas are provided to immigrant entrepreneurs and their families. Canadian government would surely make it permanent once this program tastes success.

You need to collaborate with immigration professionals if you find yourself eligible for Canadian business visa. They would make sure you put the best foot forward through your application.

How Can We Help You In Getting Start-Up Visa Application?

Start-up program is not at all do-it-yourself process. Only an expert can understand the complexities involved in this. Many cases are found where the applications are rejected due to lack of proper documentation.

We have guided hundreds of entrepreneurs in migrating to Canada and we are ready to guide you too.

Just call our immigration lawyers for consultation regarding startup visa program.

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