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About Us

Why our Clients love to work with us.

You want Canadian immigration success, you need Armstrong Immigration.


Welcome to Armstrong Immigration Law Group and immigration consultants, where experienced lawyers work dedicatedly to deliver custom-made solutions to businesses and individuals looking for immigration solutions. More so, our extensive relationships with industry and businesses enables us to fill all of the gaps between the Canadian labour market and immigration.

Our immigration law firm offers high quality consultation to a wide range of industries and businesses looking to expand their labor resources through immigration. Whether it’s recruiting foreign labor or applying for corporate immigration, we are here to guide you right.

Our firm’s team of consultants and lawyers have years of experience exclusively in the Canadian corporate/business immigration laws. Over the years, we have served a wide range of clientele including large corporations and individuals.

Our Skills Include Exceptional:

  • Legal Expertise
  • Skills and Talent
  • Immigration Success

Custom-Made Immigration Solutions

No two businesses are alike. Our lawyers understand this fact and offer custom-made solutions to every client. Personalized services along with cost-effective solutions are the key drivers behind every consultation. Our immigration solutions are applicable to businesses and individuals with a high degree of success. Our close proximity with other services sectors allows us to provide much more personalized solutions that match our client’s needs. Therefore, you get a full range of immigration legal services under one roof – our roof.

What We Do

We specializes in handling a complete range of immigration solutions including business visa, LMO/LMIA, work permit, family immigration, permanent residency and more. Our expert lawyers prepare your application including submission letters, forms, business plans and all necessary supporting documents for a successful immigration application.

Our strategic immigration planning along with our personal counseling is matched with the employee’s needs. We have extensive experience of providing Canadian immigration consultation to large global corporations and to small firms and individuals. We help them meet their human resource requirements with a safe and secure legal immigration route.

Our services include:

  • Corporate employee transfer and intra-company transfer applications
  • Labour Market Opinion applications
  • Canadian work permit and LMO/LMIA applications
  • Canadian permanent residence applications
  • Skilled worker, Business and Family Class Sponsorships and applications
  • Investor Visa Applications
  • Canadian citizenship applications
  • NAFTA applications

Armstrong immigration law group strives to deliver a seamless immigration experience along with one-stop solutions for all your immigration needs.. We are able to collaborate with all the relevant fields including translators, unions, apprenticeship and industry training programs, business consultants, financial and accountants’ services and education services. This helps us to provide all of your required immigration solutions in one single place.

At Armstrong Law, we work diligently with clients to assess their needs and process their immigration application as per individual requirements. From large scale immigration processing to individual applications, we handle them all. The legal solution offered by our lawyer delivers success to organizations seeking to engage an immigration route for growth.

Armstrong Immigration
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