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Canadian Permanent Resident Card

Canadian-Permanent-Resident-CardCitizenship and Immigration Canada issue the Permanent Resident or PR cards for its citizens. PR cards serve as proof of identity for people departing from or returning to Canada by any means of transportation. You may not be allowed to enter Canada without a valid PR card.

You are issued a Canadian PR after getting permanent residency certification. Permanent residents with landing documents need to apply at through Canada Immigration (CIC) for PR cards. The validity of a PR card is 5 years and it is required to travel in Canada after returning from abroad. It is mandatory to renew your PR card after expiry.

How to Renew PR Card?

It is advisable to apply for PR card renewal at CIC when the expiry date is near. You need to disclose all the facts and figures of your travel, employment and address history of the past five years. The immigration officer will review your application for accuracy and compliance.

How Long Would It Take for PR Card Renewal?

The renewal process takes a few weeks. It’s better to apply for PR card renewal before expiry. It is recommended by CIC that renewal should be applied two months before the expiry.

Instant PR Card Renewal is Possible During

  • Emergency – Personal or Official
  • Entry to Canada Prohibited
  • Want to Travel in Canada
  • Lost PR card

Our professionals can help you in Emergency PR card processing.

FAQs about PR Cards

  1. Is instant PR card renewal possible?
  2. What If I am abroad and my PR card expires?
  3. What if my PR card renewal application gets rejected?
  4. What If I could not satisfy the ‘Residency Obligations’?

Is instant PR card renewal possible?

PR card renewal is crucial regardless of the situation. There are procedures that have to be followed step-by-step. Legal experts can guide you regarding instant PR card renewal. Moreover, they make sure your documents are prepared properly. Applications with improper information and or evidence may be rejected.

What If I am abroad and PR card expires?

If your PR cards expire when you are outside Canada, get an official ‘Travel Document’ immediately. Contact the Canadian office abroad and provide them with the satisfactory documents proving your residency of Canada. They can provide you the travel document which is crucial to land in Canada again.

If you can not provide sufficient proof of residency you may loose your permanent residency status.

What if my PR card renewal application gets rejected?

There can be several reasons for refusal of your PR renewal application. If you did not satisfy the officer with your documents or you were not present in Canada for the consecutive 730 days in the past 5 years, there are high chances of application refusal.

After refusal you need to appeal to the ‘Immigration Appeal Division’ in Canada. The application needs to be submitted within 60 days of refusal. The division would decide whether the decision of refusal is correct or not. During hearing you can put forward appropriate documents in your favor. Appellant needs to prove his/her points before the members of Immigration Appeal Division.

What If I could not satisfy Residency Obligations?

You might lose your Permanent residency status if you have been outside of Canada for more than 3 years. Even though, you don’t meet the requirements yet you can request for renewal under humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

Immigration rules provide safety to those residents who have been outside Canada for some reason and couldn’t stay in Canada for 5 years. Residency obligation can be exempted if you can convince the immigration officer with relevant documents, facts and evidence.

Why Hire Us For PR Card Renewal Assistance?

Many crucial and complex steps are involved in PR card renewal process. Our professionals have been helping residents of Canada with their paperwork and documentation. We have helped several individuals in successfully renewing PR cards.
You can contact us by phone or fill up our simple form. We will endeavor to get back to you within 24 hours.

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