Temporary Foreign Worker Program(TFWP) - Consult for Filing Application
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Temporary Foreign Worker Program

If your company is planning to enrol itself in the ‘Temporary Foreign Worker’ Program in order to bring more skilled workers on a temporary basis in Canada, then it’s important for you to know such permit undergoes a lot of scrutiny recently. This has directly affected the quality of permit applications that the Canadian government has started to accept lately.

If you are looking forward to apply under TFW process, we advise you to work with an experienced team of immigration lawyers who can lend a hand to your company at every step of the entire process delivering success ultimately.

Expected Changes to The Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The Canadian government recently announced some reforms for the ‘Temporary Foreign Worker’ program so that they don’t affect the skilled Canadian workers due to foreign work applicants. In the budget of 2013, it was announced that there will be some major changes in the application process and requirements with the sole purpose of filtering out workers to prioritize Canadian citizens.

To address these concerns, the Canadian government will take the following actions:

  • Work with the employers in order to make sure that foreign workers, instead of qualified Canadians, are not relied upon for any kind of work;
  • Multiply the recruitment efforts before hiring any temporary foreign worker. The increased efforts should also include the ‘length and reach’ of advertising;
  • Help those employers who are currently dependent on foreign workers to employ a Canadian workforce instead;
  • Restrict the language requirements of all foreign workers to Canada’s official languages only i.e. English and French;
  • Introduction of some costs for the request processing of Labour Market Opinions
  • 200,000 temporary foreign workers entered last year into Canada.

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If you or your company are considering exploring the labour opportunities with the ‘Temporary Foreign Worker’ program, but having some sort of concerns over the application process, we advise you to contact our dynamic immigration lawyers at Armstrong Immigration for assistance. We have a lot of knowledge and in depth experience of the corporate immigration paradigm.

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