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Spousal sponsorship

Applying For Spousal Sponsorship To Canada

Spousal-Sponsorship-To-CanadaCanada’s common-law and spousal sponsorship programs have recently seen various significant changes. These changes have made a direct impact on all those who wish to apply for this program. According to the new directions imposed on October 25, 2012, the sponsored partners or spouses must live together with their sponsor, after landing, in a legitimate relationship for 2 years to maintain permanent residence or PR status in Canada.

Spousal sponsorship to Canada applies to you if:

  • The person sponsoring you is already a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen
  • Your relationship with your sponsor meets the married, common-law and or conjugal partner rules
  • Your relationship is genuine and not for immigration status
  • Your application is received either on October 25, 2012 or after that

 Timeline For Spousal Sponsorship Application

  • Year 0 – The applicant lands in Canada, applies and then eventually receives the Permanent Resident Status in Canada. In case the applicant was married or was in a common-law partnership with his/her Canadian sponsor for a period less than two years before the couple submitted their sponsorship application then the immigrant is a considered a “conditional permanent resident” who should stay married and also live with his/her sponsor for at least a period of two years after which the immigrant will become a permanent resident.
  • Year 2 – For the title of ‘Conditional Permanent Residence’; the requirement for a maintained marital status and sharing a residence with the sponsor is lifted.
  • Year 3 – The sponsor is no longer accountable for any kind of government assistance that the immigrant receives.
  • Year 5 – In case the immigrant and the sponsor both are headed for a divorce or separation, then the immigrant is completely eligible to sponsor a new spouse or a common-law partners by his/her self.

What We Can Do For You

  • Bring Families Together
  • Full support with your application
  • Reduce risk of rejection
  • Best choice at successful outcome
  • We handle all details of your application
  • No minimum necessary income required to sponsor
  • Refusals may be appealed
  • We review your application
  • Approved application means that your spouse/common law partner becomes a Permanent Resident of Canada, and are eligible to work, study, and live in Canada
  • Our lawyers go over each possible strategy available to you.

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If you have some other inquiries regarding the procedure of spousal or common-law partner sponsorship, then you can contact our experienced immigration lawyers in Edmonton. Let us handle your application process for a safe and smooth sponsorship experience.
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