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Federal Skilled Worker Program

Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Applications

Federal-Skilled-Worker-ProgramAre you planning to explore permanent immigration opportunities in Canada? Are you considering applying for Canada’s ‘Federal Skilled Worker Program’? If yes, then you should considering retaining an experienced immigration lawyer and one that has extensive knowledge and experience regarding Canada’s Immigration’s system, laws, policies, regulations and caselaw – someone like us.

At Armstrong Immigration Lawyers we have a high success rate. It is our job to submit your application along with your the correct requirements and credentials so that your application is successful and you have opportunities once established in Canada upon your arrival.

Changes to the Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program

‘Citizenship and Immigration Canada’ has made many important changes to the ‘Federal Skilled Worker Program’ some of which were imposed on May 4th, 2013.

Do I Qualify For The Federal Skilled Worker Program?

Applicants for this program must:

  • Have continuous full-time or maybe equivalent paid working experience of at least 1 year in the past 10 years; or
  • Qualify for arranged employment along with a LMO/LMIA and have a full-time permanent job offer in hand from a Canadian employer; or
  • Pass with a minimum required score for one of Canada’s 2 official languages (English/French) to prove your language ability
  • Have finished a PhD in Canada, or 2 years of study towards a PhD in Canada
  • Attain a minimum of 67 points based on Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) selection factors for immigration, and have a work experience of at least one continuous year for full time or maybe equivalent to paid skilled work experience in the last 10 years.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) immigration selection factors

  • Education: Applicants gets up to 25 points.
  • Language Skills: Applicants gets maximum of 28 points (24 for the first official language and 4 for the second official language).
  • Work Experience: Applicants having paid skilled work experience that they have acquired in the past 10 years. At least 9 points are required.
  • Age: Applicants can get up to 12 points.
  • Arranged Employment: Applicants can be awarded up to 10 points.
  • Adaptability: Applicants can be awarded up to 10 points.
  • Must prove that they have sufficient funds to settle and support themselves and also their dependents upon their arrival in Canada, in some situations.
  • Applicants and their dependents must also undertake medical examinations and security/criminality clearances as a part of the application process for Canadian immigration.

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Getting your application right for the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program can be a difficult and lengthy process. Preparing and supporting your application properly, with the help of a qualified immigration lawyer and consultant, will enable your entry into Canada’s growing economy and work force. So, it would be beneficial for you if you do not loose precious time and effort crafting the application for the Federal Skilled Worker Program alone.

Call our dynamic immigration lawyers to book an appointment to discuss and explore your options.

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