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Canada Immigration Investor Program

The Canadian government provides numerous paths provide entry into Canada. It has launched ‘Immigration Investor Program’ created for those who wish to make significant investments in Canadian economy.

This method of attaining citizenship is quite complex and not at all a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ process. You need to seek advice and guidance from an expert immigration lawyer. You can contact our immigration experts in Canada and schedule a meeting to discuss over the various aspects of this program.

Eligibility for Canada’s Immigration Investor Program

  • Business experience in running an equity interest for 2 years, or organizing 5 full-time employees for 2 years in the past 5 years
  • Minimum $1,600,000 CDN funds obtained through lawful means
  • Deposit CDN $800,000 to Canadian government for 62 months without interest

Processes Involved in Immigration Investor Program

The Immigration Investor Program consists of 4 major steps that are its milestones. Applicant need to seek guidance from an immigration lawyer as they hold the power of attorney. Your success and growth entirely depends on the completion of the previous steps. So, make sure you complete each and every step efficiently.

Step 1/ Month 1-2

Applicant needs to submit the well prepared application along with the fees at Canadian Immigration. Applicants are sent file creation confirmation along with the file number.

Step 2/ Month 10-18

This is the initial yet crucial stage where applicant needs to provide necessary details including documents, medical statements and criminal record checks. Applicant might be called for a personal interview also. You receive ‘Conditional Acceptance’ after successful completion of this process.

Step 3/ Month 18-24

After receiving ‘Conditional Acceptance’, the applicant needs to present their financial investments with accordance to the investment options. A legal team would be keeping an eye on the whole process ensuring funds are transferred properly to Canadian Immigration Authorities.

Step 4/ Month 24-36

Now when funds are transferred properly, applicant would be issued ‘Permanent Residence Visa’. Applicant needs to deposit complete payment after reaching Canada.

After the whole process the applicant and their family becomes the Permanent Residents.

Immigration Investor Application Fees

  • $1,050 (CDN funds) for applicant
  • $550 (CDN funds) for each dependent over 22
  • $150 (CDN funds) for each dependent over 22
  • Full investment amount is of CDN $800,000

Contact Our Immigration Lawyers for Immigration Guidance

If you are planning to migrate to Canada through ‘Immigration Investor Program’, you need assistance from a prominent immigration lawyer. We have expert immigration lawyers who would provide you guidance for successful completion of your application. Our professionals are certified and experienced who knows A to Z of immigration.

We provide guarantee for our immigration services. In case your application gets rejected your fees will be reimbursed.

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