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Out of Status/ or Illegal Status in Canada

Armstrong Immigration receives a significant number of inquiries from individuals, who have no legal status in the country in which they are residing and who wish to immigrate to Canada. The two (2) primary concerns for these individuals are:

1. Whether their illegal status will render them ineligible to immigrate to Canada; and
2. Whether their paperwork can be filed with the Canadian visa office in the country in which they are currently illegally residing.

As far as eligibility is concerned, illegal status in a third country will not render an individual ineligible to immigrate to Canada unless issues of criminality are involved. Even then, there is not an automatic disqualification and Armstrong Immigration advises on a case-by-case basis.

Armstrong Immigration can file the paperwork with the Canadian visa office in the country in which the applicant is currently residing if (i) the applicant has at any point in the past lawfully resided in that country for a period of one (1) year or more OR (ii) the applicant is in possession of a valid visa, authorizing him/her to remain in that country for a period of at least one (1) year (such as H1-B, J-1 or F-1 in the United States). Otherwise, the documentation must be filed with the Canadian visa office which normally serves the applicant’s home country/country of habitual residence/country of citizenship.

As long as you are accurate about your qualifications , should you receive a favorable assessment from Armstrong Immigration, then it is worthwhile filing your Application for Permanent Residence even if it must be submitted to the Canadian visa office responsible for your country of citizenship. Because Armstrong Immigration provides a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, as long as you have been favourably assessed by Armstrong Immigration, you should not fear submitting your Application for Permanent Residence outside the country where you currently illegally reside as even if an interview is required, you WILL receive the immigrant visa and will then be able to begin a new life with status in Canada instead of continuing to live in fear of deportation where you currently illegally reside. One other thing to always keep in mind is the fact as Canadian Immigration laws, regulations and policies are always subject to change at any time without advance notice, we can make no assurances to you whatsoever that you will still qualify if you defer your proposed Canadian Immigration plans to a later date.

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