6 Reasons For Your Immigration Refusal In Canada!

6  Reasons For Your Immigration Refusal In Canada!

Every day, a lot of immigration applications arrive at the immigration department of Canada. Of late, Canada has seen a huge rise in the number of people wanting to settle here. However, one should realize that just like any other country, Canada has its own rules and regulations, which one must follow to settle here. Failing to do so, will prove to be a waste of time and money for you.

There are times, when people do careless mistakes and get their immigration request rejected! So, check out the most common reasons for an immigration refusal and don’t repeat them yourself!

6 Reasons For Your Immigration Refusal:-

  1. Misrepresentation
  2. This is the most common mistake people do to get an entry into Canada. It involves either reading or providing the wrong information accidentally or deliberately. This is very much against the immigration laws of Canada and may cancel your request for the next two years. So, it is advisable to read the instruction carefully and provide true information.

  3. Health Issues
  4. One has to go through the medical exam from a doctor recognized by the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). If one fails to pass the medical exam, one will be denied entry. Your health might sound a bit too much a burden on the Canadian government, which they might not want to afford, especially if you are looking for a permanent residency.

  5. Criminal Background
  6. It makes every sense to stop a person with a criminal background from entering a country. Your criminal activity, small or big may get you rejected in no time. No country would take the risk of letting a person with criminal background reside among its own residents. Who knows, when they can be at the threat of that criminal. However, one should consult a criminal lawyer before applying for immigration.

  7. Putting a Request After the Deadline!
  8. It makes no sense to put a request after the deadline is over. It is important that you read all the instructions carefully and mange all your documents before the deadline. If you miss out on the deadline, CIC has full rights to deny entry to Canada! This also gives an impression of a careless and dis-organized person.

  9. Forgetting To Attach Documents
  10. CIC is very strict in the documentation and makes a strict list of all the documents required for immigration. If you fail to arrange the documents or forgot to attach them while applying, get ready for a refusal. One should read the complete list of documents carefully, arrange the same and not forget while applying.

  11. Eligibility
  12. There are more than 60 immigration programs offered by the Canadian government. This does not mean, one can apply in any of these depending upon his/her choice. It means one has to apply through that program only, which one is eligible for. Failing to do so, will result in rejection.

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