4 Type Of Entrepreneur Work Permits in Canada

4 Type Of Entrepreneur Work Permits in Canada

If you are planning to bring your business in Canada or want to open a start up firm, then there is a great career waiting ahead. There are plenty of exciting business opportunities for foreign investors who want to live and work here. Since we are a diverse country, we value foreigners for their innovative and unique start up ideas. As an entrepreneur, you won’t find an economy such as ours that can boost the growth of your firm.

For migrating to Canada as an entrepreneur there are only a few immigration programs that generally involves a lengthy process. This is the reason why most of the people prefer visiting and working here only over a temporary work permit.

Some of the work visas that you can apply as an entrepreneur are:

  1. NAFTA Investor: This is an investor visa that is applicable for US or Mexican citizens. You are only eligible for this program if you fulfill the investor work permit requirements as given by the NAFTA agreement. It is applicable for investing both in new and existing Canadian businesses.
  2. Intra Company Transfer: In case, you are an established entrepreneur who is currently running a business somewhere else outside of Canada and wish to expand here, then intra company transfer work permit is for you. This visa program is generally used by multinational companies who need to relocate their staff and management members from one office location to another. Even the mid or small scale entrepreneurs can benefit from this program only if,
    • Their business is viable and the evidence to support this should include complete financial state of the business along with a proven business plan.
    • There exists a common ownership between your overseas and Canadian business, like a parent child branch or an affiliation.
    • The staff member who is relocating should have an experience of at least one year experience in the full time worker.
  3. C11 Entrepreneur Work Permit: Most of the business owners who have migrated to Canada are covered under this work visa category. It is the most preferred and safe route to apply for a business permit, especially if you are looking to start and own a season business.
  4. Owner-Operator LMO Work Permit: This is generally a type of labor visa that is opted by only minority of entrepreneurs who wish to play an active and key role in running of day to day businesses. For getting this visa, you may need to involve a LMO i.e. Labor Market Opinion.

These are some of the work permits that are meant for entrepreneurs who wish to start or invest in an existing business in Canada. If you are looking for Canadian work permits or spouse visas, our Edmonton immigration consultants at Armstrong Immigration are here to assist you.