Inland Vs Outland: Which Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Should You Choose

Married couples from all around the world think of settling in Canada because the amazing job opportunities present there apart from the world-class quality of life. However, couples often face problems in immigrating in Canada when it’s about spousal immigration. Immigration lawyers, however, explain that these problems generally arise because of little knowledge about the spousal sponsorship plans that are provided by the government of Canada. Some Noteworthy Points : Spousal applications for immigration into Canada must belong to either inland or outland class of visa application. If both partners are of age 18 and are not married by a proxy marriage and have also not been previously sponsored for immigrating into Canada, they are eligible to choose any category of sponsorship which applies for them. Under the eyes of Canadian Immigration department same sex couples enjoy the same rights and privileges as other heterosexual couples with respect to the […]