7 Most Common Canadian Immigration Mistakes You Must Avoid

Canada has over 60 immigration programs, with their own set of criteria and requirements. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) make sure that every program they create is clear and understandable to applicants. But still, every year applications are rejected or returned due to mistakes made by applicants. These accidental mistakes are sometimes easy to correct, but, many times they may lead in serious repercussions and might end applicant’s chances for Canada immigration. Not signing the forms Sounds silly? Believe it! It happens all the time. With so many applications in the process, sometimes things get overwhelming. Applicants need to meticulously go through the form and sign the every single application form. If you fail to sign the form properly, your application will be returned after a few weeks or even months. All you need to do is review, review and review your form properly. Paying the fee incorrectly Immigration authorities […]