Immigration Lawyers Bring 6 Great Scholarships for Students in Canada

Canada offers some of the world’s best schools and universities to the prospective students all around the globe. Leading immigration lawyers of Canada say that every year, thousands of students arrive in Canada for education. Though studying in Canada has its own share of advantages, however, it’s a bit expensive too. For this reason, immigrant students can take advantage of various scholarships. Following is a list of these prestigious scholarships for which students compete every year. 1. Academic Scholarships – Students having high academic scores can enjoy such scholarships which are awarded by numerous universities present in Canada every year. However, one must always remember the qualifying criteria and fee-waiver of these scholarships differ according to the respective college and university. 2. Merit Scholarships – Students that display various skills like community development, are innovative and have leadership qualities can get these kinds of scholarships. All one needs to do […]